robert glick
•assistant professor of creative writing & digital literature at the Rochester Institute of Technology
•writer of prose. published in The Gettysburg Review, Black Warrior Review, & The Normal School
•coeditor of Versal
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THE PARADOX OF WONDERWOMAN’S AIRPLANE is a novel that mines the dark underbelly of suburbia. After a miscarriage, a 40-year-old anesthesiologist in Kansas City unilaterally decides not to have another child. Her two teenagers flee the stress of their insular family bubble, leading them into dangerous collaborations with the laborers of Guantanamo Bay and Bosnian art saboteurs. When her grief-stricken husband steals a rare model of Wonderwoman’s airplane, the family must uncover the airplane’s secrets to heal their fractures.

You can read various chapters, published as discrete stories, online at The Literarian and The Collagist.

While Paradox will primarily take shape in the print universe, some sections of the novel will only be available in various digital forms. This page functions as the runway for those sections.

Thanks to Zach Abrahams (web development), Stella Lee (Wonderwoman airplane image), and Anne Royston (everything!) for design and development of various sections.